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to Salero Bahrain

Step into an informal modern Spanish dining concept, where live entertainment and cooking take place in a social atmosphere. Located at the first floor of The Westin City Centre Bahrain. 

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday  from 1 pm to 12 midnight. Closed on Sundays. 

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Chef Jordi Battaler
Chef Sergio Gomez
- Meet the Chefs

Chef Jordi Bataller & Chef Sergio Gomez

With passion for cooking since he was a child, Chef Jordi would stick himself on the burner where food was prepared close to his grandma and mom, copying and collecting traditional Spanish recipes. Immerse in the Andalusian flavors and seasonings he grew up accustomed to become camouflaged with the environment. Amazed by the love of cooking, Chef started his career as early as seventeen. "To make people happy is what cooking is all about" Chef Jordi Battaler 







Chef Sergio is currently the man in charge of Salero Bahrain kitchen as Specialty Sous Chef, most of his career experience is in Catalonia, Spain. The Catalonia region, in northeastern Spain, is known for the lively beach resorts of Costa Brava as well as the Pyrenees Mountains. Barcelona, the regional capital of Catalonia Spain where Chef Sergio spent most of his career before joining Salero Bahrain, was the first job out of Catalonia.  Sergio brings in over 15 years of experience in Spanish cuisine to Bahrain.   Chef Sergio Gomez 

BHD 11.0 per person available from Monday to Thursday, 1 pm to 5 pm

Choice of any 3 tapas (Cold & Hot Tapas) or

Choice of 1 Cold or Hot Tapa and 1 Signature Tapa or

Choose 1 cold or hot tapa and single paella of the day 

All choices include one soft drink


Party of Many

Book a private event in advance. Salero can host up to 60 persons for a private gathering. Call us at 17171300

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