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Welcome to Salero Bahrain

Book a private event in advance. Salero can host up to 30 persons for a private gathering. Call us at 17171300 or email [email protected]

Para Compartir 

Sharing Tapas 


Three choices of sharing tapas 

Costillas de vacuno braseadas BHD 9.9
Braised beef ribs with curled potatoes

Lubina plancha a la Santurce (S) BHD 9.9
Santurce style sea bass fillet with peppers & garlic sauce

Mejillones al vapor con cebolla y perejil (S) BHD 9.9
Steamed mussels with onion and parsley

Recomendaciones Del Chef
Chef's Recommendations

Pollo al Ajilo y limón  BHD 4.9
Sautéed chicken in garlic & lemon sauce

Solomillo de ternera en costra de queso manchego  BHD 7.5
Beef tenderloin with manchego cheese crust

"Zarzuela" de pescados y Mariscos (S)  BHD 7.5
Traditional seafood & saffron cassoulet

Pimiento del piquillo relleno de rabo de toro  BHD 7.5
Piquillo peppers with stewed oxtail filling

Costillas de cordero con patatas arrugadas  BHD 9.9
Grilled lamb chops with Canarian style potatoes

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